Tsubasa Hanekawa (羽川 翼)

Hair: long/short black hair
Eyes: dark-colored
Skin: fair complexion
Favorite phrase/slogan: "I don't know everything, I just know what I know." (何でもは知らないわよ。知ってることだけ。, Nandemo wa shiranaiwa yo. Shitteru koto dake.)

She styles her hair into two braids and ties them with a hair ribbon that has a cat design. She is always seen dressed in the uniform of Naoetsu Private High School, even outside of school days, and is rarely seen on any other type of clothing, except for a set of sleepwear which she wore during Tsubasa Cat Arc.

Hanekawa Tsubasa is Araragi's classmate and the class president. Araragi describes her as "the class president of all class presidents." The reason Tsubasa and Hitagi cut their hair short is because they learned Araragi likes it short.

Hanekawa currently lives with her stepfather and stepmother.