Sango (珊瑚)

Age: 16

Sango is youkai slayer ("youkai taijiya") who hails from a village of professional yōkai slayers. The only member of Inuyasha's group to have no supernatural powers, Sango instead wields the Hiraikotsu, a massive boomerang made of yōkai bones, in addition to a broad repertoire of tools and tricks for battling yōkai. Sango is also a victim of Naraku's evil schemes; her family was killed and her entire village destroyed by Naraku's yōkai so that Naraku could then blame Inuyasha and manipulate Sango into trying to kill him. When that ploy failed, Naraku used a shard of the Shikon Jewel to revive and control her little brother Kohaku, forcing him to fight Inuyasha and company, and using him as a means by which to manipulate Sango. She seeks vengeance against Naraku, but her primary goal is to rescue Kohaku from Naraku's influence and somehow save his life, although currently it's uncertain if she will be able to do so as Kohaku's life is tied to the jewel shard. She has obvious feelings towards Miroku, although she is offended by his constant groping and lechery. ("Sango" means "coral")