Jinpei (燕(ツバクロ)の甚平)

Jinpei's your typical bright, obnoxious kid who just happens to be a deadly ninja fighting to save the Earth. He considers the rest of the team his family, and Ryu is his "partner in crime" for comedy gags. Jinpei has a penchant for dragging home wild animals (seals, baby whales, stag beetles, puma cubs, big fat Gallactor spies...) and causing his sister no end of grief. He's always ready with a joke or truly bad pun.
Nothing is known of Jinpei's true name or origin. Jun found him as an infant at the base of Mt. Jupiter, gave him a name and a birthday, and adopted him. Jinpei is possibly the last descendant of the Jupiter Ninja clan (which was later taken over by Gallactor), but no one knows for certain.
Cover Occupation: Works for Jun as a waiter, cook, bartender and dishwasher at the Snack Jun.
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