Kazuhiro Hiramatsu ()

Kazuhiro Hiramatsu
He's one of Toshi's best friends, since they were young. He stopped playing soccer to study more because of his father's will. But after Kazumi and Toshi talked to him playing soccer again, he tried to convince his father that he can play soccer AND study for his tests. In the end he's allowed to play soccer again after being told from his mother that his father also played soccer when he was young. He was remarked as the genius player through the anime. He is famous of his "Heel/Double Heel Shoot", which causes illusion that looks like the ball disappears. In the later end of series, when the anxious opponents have discovered the secrets of Double Heel Shoot and found a way to counter it, Kazuhiro lifted all his strength, creating a miraculous "Triple Heel Shoot" and tricked the awaiting opponents once again, making him an unstoppable player all the time with his Heel Shoots.

* voiced by Masami Kikuchi
* Jersey Number: 9
* Position: Right Forward
* Class: Freshmen
* Birthday: 26 April, 1975
* H/W: 170 cm / 59 kg
* Elated Skills:Heel Kick, Double Heel Kick, Triple Heel Kick, Two Plato Shot (with Toshi)
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