Shiro (白)

Race: Human (Imanity)
Gender: ♀ Female
Age: 11
Hair: White/Pale violet
Eyes: Red

Shiro is a 11 year old genius NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), hikikomori (shut-in) gamer along with her step-brother, Sora which formed 『  』. She is the main female protagonist.

Shiro is described as a genius in logic and problems, but has difficulty understanding emotions or behaviour, relying on Sora to help her defeat human opponents such as Tet in their chess match. She also rarely shows much emotion at all on her face and, despite her genius intellect, speaks in short terse sentences. Shiro is extremely close to her brother, to the point of needing him by her side at all times to be comfortable. She is also shown to have a dry and somewhat twisted sense of humour, and displays signs of jealousy if Sora pays serious attention to other girls, showing she has a brother complex.

(Source: no-game-no-life.wikia)

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