Kouta Tsuchiya (土屋 康太)

Height: 162 cm
Weight: 48 kg

2nd Grade high school student in Fumizuki Gakuen. In Class F. Friends with Akihisa since grade 1.

Because of his silent and serene nature he is not often noticed, but for his perverted heart and how he is always trying to hide it, he was nicknamed "Muttsurini (parody of Mussolini, also said to be the shortened form of Muttsuri Sukebe (Reticent Pervert)."

Most of his grades are almost as low as those of Akihisa, but his knowledge of sex is unusually broad, so his grades in Health and Physical Education are unusually high. However, he has a tendency to have a nosebleed whenever he imagines or sees something suggestive. In some cases, he bleeds so much that he requires several packs of blood to maintain vitality.

He is also known as "Voyeur" and "Pervert Ninja" in English translations.