A collection of short stories by Yuu Higashino.

1) A Beast's Pure Love
College student Takafumi is kidnapped by mob boss Kidou. Takafumi is imprisoned on Kidou's estate, and is tied up and sexually harassed every day. Will he ever escape?

2) A Confused Heart
Spoiled rich boy Tsubaki is used to getting anything he wants—but has he met his match in Sonoda, the new professor?

3) You shouldn't just wait

4) Heavenly Entrapment

5) A Tyrant's Love

6) A Tyrant's Lover

7) A Clumsy, Side 1: President of the Student Council

8) A Clumsy, Side 2: Princess


Títulos Alternativos

  • Título Romaji:Aibu
  • Japonés:
  • Sinónimo:Aibu - Higashino Yuu Shoki Tanpenshuu

Información del Manga

  • Tipo:Manga
  • Volumenes:1
  • Capitulos:5
  • Estado:Finished
  • Inicio:31/10/2005
  • Géneros:Escuela
  • Serialización:Super Beboy Comics