203 Goushitsu no Jinko-san

Jinko is a girl with a strange gift. She can see and talk to ghosts. She's living in an apartment room 203 together with her parents. Lot of curious ghosts visit her room, hoping Jinko can help them reveal their veil of death.

Títulos Alternativos

  • Título Romaji:203 Goushitsu no Jinko-san
  • Japonés:203号室の尽子さん
  • Sinónimo:203 Jinco-san, Jinco from Room 203

Información del Manga

  • Tipo:Manga
  • Volumenes:3
  • Capitulos:13
  • Estado:Finished
  • Inicio:30/11/2006
  • Fin:30/11/2008
  • Géneros:Misterio
  • Serialización:Mystery Bonita