Afternoon Lavendar

Tangerine Weekly's new reporter, Koizumi, because of her vibrant hair colour and interesting methods, quickly gains the nickname 'Fire Witch'. During a press conference she realises that the famous singer Senya Kaoru fell asleep. No one believes her, so to prove herself, she begins to design her trap...

Títulos Alternativos

  • Título Romaji:Afternoon Lavendar
  • Japonés:午后薰衣茶
  • Sinónimo:Wu Hou Xun Yi Cha, The Little Witch's Sure-Fire Techniques, The Lavendar Tea

Información del Manga

  • Tipo:Novel
  • Volumenes:1
  • Capitulos:10
  • Estado:Finished
  • Inicio:30/11/-0001
  • Géneros:Drama


Versión Alternativa Afternoon Lavendar