Aa! Megami-sama!

Alone in his dorm room one Saturday night (a frequent occurrence, to be honest), young Keiichi Morisato accidentally dials a wrong number that will literally change his life. You see, he inadvertently reaches the Goddess Technical Help Line, and a goddess is dispatched to grant him one wish.

The lovely young Belldandy informs him that he may have one wish - a wish for virtually anything in the world. In disbelief, Keiichi opts for a wish he believes will confound the system (and will prove that Belldandy has no particular wish-granting power): he wishes that Belldandy would stay with him always.

The power of this wish almost rips the fabric of time and space but it is ultimately granted. But of course such a wish has unforseen consequences, including the fact that Keiichi lives in a guys-only dorm. When his roommates return to find him with a woman on the premises, he is immediately tossed out on to the street. But the wish also has other unexpected side effects - such as when Keiichi and Belldandy are in peril of being separated, a motorcycle is suddenly repaired so that they can travel together.

(Source: Dark Horse)

Títulos Alternativos

  • Título Romaji:Aa! Megami-sama!
  • Ingles:Oh! My Goddess
  • Japonés:ああっ女神さまっ
  • Sinónimo:Ah! My Goddess

Información del Manga

  • Tipo:Manga
  • Volumenes:48
  • Capitulos:308
  • Estado:Finished
  • Inicio:25/08/1988
  • Fin:25/04/2014
  • Géneros:Comedia
  • Serialización:Afternoon

Datos Curiosos

Aa! Megami-sama! was published in English as Oh My Goddess! by Dark Horse Comics from December 20, 2005 to October 20, 2015. Dark Horse has been republishing the series in 3-in-1 omnibuses since August 11, 2015. It was also published in Italian as Oh, Mia Dea! by Star Comics from February 13, 2007 to May 23, 2015.