In a world where the dead walk, where good and evil exist as palpable forces, a darkness is stirring. The undead march against the cities of light, to capture the sacred fire that is the source of their power. But one hope remains. Called into this world by the magical flame, a young girl named Himiko is thrust into the maelstrom of danger, betrayal, and war. For she is heir to the sacred fire, and holds a power that could save its Guardians... if she survives!

(Source: Central Park Media)

Títulos Alternativos

  • Título Romaji:Himiko-den
  • Ingles:Legend of Himiko
  • Japonés:火魅子伝
  • Sinónimo:Himikoden

Información del Anime



"PURE SNOW" by Yuko Sasaki


"Toki no Iro wo Kaete (瞬の色をかえて)" by Mica Okudoi