Aoshima Megu

Megu promotes not only Shima, but also the greater Ise-Shima region consisting of Ise, Toba, Shima, and parts of Minami-Ise. The aspiring pearl diver struggles to hold onto an Ise-ebi (Japanese spiny lobster), one of Mie Prefecture's specialties. Megu then visits Ise Grand Shrine, which is the one of the most important shrines in Japan's Shinto religion. She then heads to the nearby Okage-yokochou area of shops and historical buildings and to the Meoto Iwa (Married Couple Rocks) that are sacred in Shinto. The ninja character Mai Igarashi makes an appearance at the end of the video. Mai is the mascot for Iga, Mie, a city known as a birthplace of ninja culture.

(Source: ANN)

Títulos Alternativos

  • Título Romaji:Aoshima Megu
  • Ingles:Aoshima Megu
  • Japonés:碧志摩メグ
  • Sinónimo:Ise-Shima Mie Japan

Información del Anime

  • Tipo:ONA
  • Episodios:1
  • Estado:Finished Airing
  • Inicio:12/07/2017
  • Fuente:Original
  • Géneros:Aventura
  • Duración:45 sec.
  • Clasificación:G - Todas las Edades

Datos Curiosos

The city of Shima, Mie withdrew official backing of its mascot character Megu Aoshima two years ago due to a raging controversy over whether the young moe character is a suitable representation of the area's famous female pearl divers (ama) who are typically around 70 years old. However, that did not stop the character's creators from continuing to sell products with her likeness.

(Source: ANN)