Aoi Meno Ningyou Monogatari

The "Blue-eyed Dolls" were given in 1927 by the USA, under the leadership of Dr. Gulick, to Japanese elementary schools and kindergartens for the purpose of Japanese-American friendship.

About 12,000 "Blue-eyed Dolls" were given by the USA. However, with the outbreak of the Pacific War (World War II) in 1941, a great number of the "Blue-eyed Dolls," who were considered to be "dolls of the enemy country," were disposed of by being burned or by being stabbed with bamboo spears.

This is the story of children trying to rescue the doll.


Títulos Alternativos

  • Título Romaji:Aoi Meno Ningyou Monogatari
  • Japonés:青い目の人形物語

Información del Anime

  • Tipo:OVA
  • Episodios:1
  • Estado:Finished Airing
  • Inicio:30/11/1995
  • Fuente:Other
  • Géneros:Drama
  • Duración:30 min.
  • Clasificación:G - Todas las Edades

Datos Curiosos

Although many of the dolls actually did not have blue eyes, they were fondly received by the Japanese children of the time, even giving rise to a popular song "Blue-eyed Doll". To express their gratitude for the gifts, the Japanese sent 58 Japanese dolls to America.

During the war, the dolls sent to the U.S. were not destroyed, but were put away in storage where they could not be viewed. Currently, about 38 Japanese dolls and 300 blue-eyed dolls are known to still exist.

(Source: Japanese Embassy in New York)