Nana Komatsu is a helpless, naïve 20-year-old who easily falls in love and becomes dependent and clingy to those around her. Even though she nurses ambitious dreams of removing herself from her provincial roots and finding her true calling, she ends up traveling to Tokyo with the humble reason of chasing her current boyfriend Shouji Endo.

Nana Osaki, on the other hand, is a proud, enigmatic punk rock vocalist from a similarly rural background, who nurtures the desire to become a professional singer. Putting her career with a fairly popular band (and her passionate romance with one of its former members) firmly behind her, she boards the same train to Tokyo as Nana Komatsu.

Through a fateful encounter in their journey toward the metropolis, the young women with the same given name are brought together, sparking a chain of events which eventually result in them sharing an apartment. As their friendship deepens, the two attempt to support each other through thick and thin, their deeply intertwined lives filled with romance, music, challenges, and heartbreaks that will ultimately test their seemingly unbreakable bond.

Títulos Alternativos

  • Título Romaji:Nana
  • Ingles:Nana
  • Japonés:NANA [ナナ]

Información del Anime

  • Tipo:TV
  • Episodios:47
  • Estado:Finished Airing
  • Inicio:05/04/2006
  • Fin:28/03/2007
  • Temporada: Primavera 2006
  • Productores:Nippon Television Ne
  • Licenciatarios:Viz Media
  • Estudios:Madhouse
  • Fuente:Manga
  • Géneros:Comedia
    Slice of Life
  • Duración:23 min. per ep.
  • Clasificación:R+ - Mild Nudity
  • Puntuación:86

Datos Curiosos

Nana was also adapted into two successful live action films in 2006, starring Mika Nakashima and Aoi Miyazaki. The manga won the Shogakukan Manga Award for shoujo and it sold more than 40 million copies to this date.

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Resumen Nana Recaps
Adaptación Nana


#1: "Rose" by Anna inspi' Nana ~Black Stones~ (eps 1-21)
#2: "Wish" by Olivia inspi' Reira ~Trapnest~ (eps 22-36)
#3: "Lucy" by Tsuchiya, Anna inspi' Nana ~Black Stones~ (eps 37-47)


#1: "A Little Pain" by Olivia inspi' Reira ~Trapnest~ (eps 01-08, 10-18, 41 (for TV broadcast))
#2: "Rose" by Anna inspi' Nana ~Black Stones~ (ep 9 (for TV broadcast and DVD))
#3: "Starless Night" by Olivia inspi' Reira ~Trapnest~ (eps 19-29, 42 (for TV broadcast), DVD: eps 01-08, 10-29, 41-42)
#4: "Kuroi Namida" by Anna inspi' Nana ~Black Stones~ (eps 30-40, 47 (for TV broadcast and DVD))
#5: "Winter Sleep" by Olivia inspi' Reira ~Trapnest~ (eps 43-44 (for TV broadcast and DVD))
#6: "Stand By Me" by Tsuchiya, Anna inspi' Nana ~Black Stones~ (eps 45-46 (for TV broadcast and DVD))



  • Obra Maestra: 29
  • Excelente: 22
  • Muy Buena: 18
  • Buena: 15
  • Regular: 7
  • Promedio: 2
  • Mala: 1
  • Muy Mala: 1
  • Terrible: 0
  • Pésima: 0


  • La abandonaron: 7
  • La quieren ver: 67
  • La pusieron en espera: 6
  • La están viendo: 9
  • La vieron completa: 74