Ryouma Sakamoto (坂本 龍馬)

Birthday: November 15
Horoscope: Scorpio
Blood Type: O
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Hobby: singing
Special skill: can eat a lot
Musical instrument: Shoin's electric guitar
Position in the band: lead vocal and guitar

He is an aspiring rocker who is full pf passion and eagerness whose ambition is to be as famous as Shisengumi; however, in his quest to be famous often gets him into a lot of awkward situation where he either gets booted or ostracize by the public for being a nuisance. He often uses the Japanese first pronoun "Washi" when referring to himself, which is basically used by elder Japanese people. He, together with Yataro, both work and live in a local pizzeria called "Di Telada" which is owned by a fat cross dressing okama, Alberco, who always have puts up with his clumsiness in the workplace. The electric guitar he has, was entrusted to him by Shoin who has seen his passion and the so called "Peace Soul" that he possess.

He got into a confrontation with Cindy and Sensei where the two asked him as to how he got into possession of Shion's guitar and soon enough they formed a rock band after their encounter with the Shinsengumi 8th unit, where he is the lead vocal and guitarist.

Roles en Anime:

Bakumatsu Rock


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