Mizuki Kanzaki (神崎 美月)

Age: (14-15 Season 1) (16-17 Season 2)
Blood type: A
Birthdate: September 18
Sign: Virgo
Favorite food: Marron glaces and fragrant teas

She's the top student at Starlight Academy, priding herself on her ability and the top idol, nationwide. She always has elegant smile. Ichigo admires her. Mizuki is the number one idol and the role-model of all top idols. She started off as an elementary model then mysteriously disappeared from the public for a whole year and came back as a top idol in Starlight Academy. During that time, she did intensive training and pushed herself to work her hardest because of her lack of ability. Mizuki doesn't show her hard-working side to many people and is thought of as a genius. She is highly idolised by Ichigo and inspired her to work even harder.

(Source: Aikatsu! Wiki)

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