Akiko Natsume ()

Birthday: April 29

CEO of Japan's biggest military contractor, and a obsessively protective mother, Akiko's greatest goals are 1) to reclaim Ryunosuke from her husband, and 2) to capture Nuku Nuku in order to backwards-engineer her. Because of the delicate nature of the information about Nuku's existence she doesn't try to legally reclaim Ryu' but instead relies on numerous abduction attempts by her two henchwomen Arisa and Kyouko. In spite of her borderline-demented attitude and love of firepower, she does indeed love Ryunosuke and only wants what's best for him. That said, all else is business to her, and is frighteningly ruthless and manipulative to get what she wants and was even willing to turn a blind eye to Nuku Nuku when the cat girl was working at a restaurant her company owned.