Akiba's Trip The Animation

Set in Akihabara, the shopping area has been invaded by creatures known as "Synthisters" who prey on the patrons of Akihabara, feasting on their social energy and will to live. These enemies can only be stopped by direct exposure to the air, meaning to defeat these synthisters their clothes need to be ripped off exposing their skin.

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  • Título Romaji:Akiba's Trip The Animation
  • Ingles:Akiba's Trip The Animation

Información del Anime


"Ikken Rakuchaku Goyoujin (一件落着ゴ用心)" by Earphones


#01: "B Ambitious!" by YuiKaori (ep 1)
#02: "Rirai Mirai (リライミライ)" by MimimemeMimi (ep 2)
#03: "Sanki Tousen! (サンキトウセン!)" by Earphones (Rie Takahashi, Yuki Nagaku, Marika Kouno) (ep 3)
#04: "Sanki Tousen! (サンキトウセン!)" by Manias (Rie Takahashi, Yuki Nagaku, Marika Kouno) (ep 4)
#05: "Chou Hannou Girl (超反応ガール)" by AOP (ep 5)
#06: "Kokoro no Memory (心のメモリー)" by every♥ing! (ep 6)